Iker moderates event with photographer James Florio

Iker moderates event with photographer James Florio

On August 3, Iker will moderate an event at Tippet Rise Art Center featuring Montana-based photographer and collaborator James Florio.

The program, titled “James Florio at Tippet Rise,” features the screening of a new 17-minute documentary about the photographer’s work at Tippet Rise Art Center.

“Large-format film photographer James Florio—Tippet Rise’s longtime collaborator and artist-in-residence —presents a screening of the film James Florio at Tippet Rise, followed by a Q&A with Florio and director Jeffrey Peixoto, moderated by architect, editor, and curator Iker Gil. The 17-minute documentary explores the radical landscape of Tippet Rise. Florio originally began to photograph the art pieces but gradually became more and more transfixed with the land itself. Like a cartographer in a silent dream, Florio moves through a stunning landscape, shaped by primeval oceans and eons of time, struggling against the elements to create images of deep expressive power.”

Thank you to James Florio and Tippet Rise Art Center for the invitation.

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